Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Lampe

E-Mail: Ulrich.Lampe@...

As of December 31st, 2013, I have left my position at the Multimedia Communications Lab. However, I am still afilliated with the lab as adjunct senior scientist. Please feel free to contact me at ulrich.lampe@kom.tu-darmstadt.de or through my personal homepage at www.ulrichlampe.de

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Research Interests

Service-oriented Computing (SOC)

Areas of interest in my past research included:

  • (Mobile) cloud-based multimedia services, specifically cloud gaming
  • Efficient, QoS-aware service provisioning in cloud environments
  • Efficient software service distribution and execution in the cloud
  • Auction-based capacity allocation in the cloud
  • Service description and discovery

Current & Past Projects

Teaching Activities

Lectures & Courses

Supervised Theses

Items are ordered by descending start date.

In 2013

  • Sebastian Mihm: Cloud Data Center Selection - Development of a Heuristic Approach (conjointly with Ronny Hans)
  • Christoph Tauchert: Cost-Efficient Selection of Cloud Data Centers under Uncertainty (conjointly with Ronny Hans)
  • Alexander Müller: Datenschutz in der Cloud - Eine empirische Analyse in der Finanzdienstleistungsbranche (conjointly with Olga Wenge and André Loske)
  • Klajd Agoli: Mutual Influence of Fuctional and Non-functional Properties in Service-based Systems (conjointly with Ronny Hans)
  • Marco Seliger: Preissetzung im Cloud Computing-Markt: Eine analytische und empirische Untersuchung
  • Martin Hellwig: Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Cloud Gaming System based on Android (conjointly with Ronny Hans)
  • Syed Hissam Aziz: Challenges in Mobile Cloud Gaming - An Analytical and Empirical Examination with a Focus on Energy Consumption (conjointly with Ronny Hans)

In 2012

  • Markus Kieselmann: An Empirical Examination on the Accuracy of Time Measurements in Virtualized Cloud Infrastructures
  • Qiong Wu: Quality Criteria for Cloud Gaming Systems
  • David Dahlen: Data Storage in the Cloud - Analysis of Database as a Service (conjointly with Ronny Hans)
  • Sheip Dargutev: Adaptation Mechanisms for Mobile, Network-Tolerant Service Invocations
  • Thorsten Mayer: Profit Maximization of Cloud Providers in Infrastructure Auctions
  • Daniel Storck: Auction-based Distribution of Virtual Machines in Infrastructure Clouds

In 2011

  • Florian Nöll: Heuristic Optimization Approaches for Software Distribution in Infrastructure Clouds
  • Alexander Müller: Cloud Computing in der Bankenbranche – Sicherheit und Compliance (conjointly with Olga Wenge; awarded best bachelor thesis at KOM in 2012)
  • Thorsten Mayer: Optimization approaches for the distribution of software services in cloud infrastructures
  • Johannes Hiemer: Efficient Software Service Distribution in Cloud Infrastructure

In 2010

  • Tim Lusa: Analyse der Dienstgüte-Auswirkungen von Anonymitäts-Mechanismen für Web Services (conjointly with André Miede)
  • Ronny Hans: Cloud Computing in der Finanzwirtschaft: Banken als Anbieter und Nachfrager (conjointly with Dieter Schuller)
  • Martin Pinto-Bazurco: Development of a Unified Description Format for Web Services

Scientific Activites

Reviewer (Journals, Books)

Reviewer (Conferences, Workshops)

Committee Member

Abbreviations: PC - Program Committee; OC - Organization Committee

Awards & Achievements

Winner in 2 out of 3 categories at the "SAWSDL Matchmaker Evaluation" Track at the "Annual International Contest S3 on Semantic Service Selection – Retrieval Performance Evaluation of Matchmakers for Semantic Web Services 2010", Categories "Average Query Response Time" and "Precision for Graded Relevance"


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Date Title Name of the event Organiser Location
Sep 12, 2013A Tale of Millis and Nanos - Time Measurement in Virtual and Physical Machines ESOCC 2013University of MálagaMálaga, Spain
Aug 15, 2013On the Relevance of Security Risks for Cloud Adoption in the Financial Industry AMCIS 2013AISChicago, USA
Jul 02, 2013Will Mobile Cloud Gaming Work? Findings on Latency, Energy, and Cost MS 2013IEEESanta Clara, USA
Jun 27, 2013On the Accuracy of Time Measurements in Virtual Machines CLOUD 2013IEEESanta Clara, USA
May 09, 2013To Frag Or To Be Fragged - An Empirical Assessment of Latency in Cloud Gaming CLOSER 2013INSTICCSavannah, USA
May 03, 2013Monetary Efficiency in Infrastructure Clouds - Solution Strategies for Workload Distribution and Auction-based Capacity Allocation DisputationMultimedia Communications LabDarmstadt, Germany
Mar 13, 2013An Analysis of Anonymity Side Effects in the Internet of Services NetSys 2013GIStuttgart, Germany
Nov 25, 2012Let the Clouds Compute: Cost-Efficient Workload Distribution in Infrastructure Clouds GECON 2012Berlin, Germany
Aug 13, 2012Maximization of Cloud Provider Profits in Equilibrium Price Auctions Postgraduate Seminar - Current Research Topics in Multimedia CommunicationsMultimedia Communications Lab - TU DarmstadtDarmstadt, Germany
Jun 26, 2012Cost-driven Optimization of Complex Service-based Workflows for Stochastic QoS Parameters ICWS 2012IEEEHonolulu, USA
Jun 26, 2012Maximizing Cloud Provider Profit from Equilibrium Price Auctions CLOUD 2012IEEEHonolulu, USA
May 31, 2012COV4SWS.KOM: Information Quality-aware Matchmaking for Semantic Services ESWC 2012STIHeraklion, Greece
Apr 21, 2012The Virtual Margin of Error - On the Limits of Virtual Machines in Scientific Research CLOSER 2012INSTICCPorto, Portugal
Dec 13, 2011Enabling Cost-Efficient Software Service Distribution in Infrastructure Clouds at Run Time SOCA 2011IEEEIrvine, CA, USA
Nov 07, 2011An Analysis of Side Effects of Anonymity in the Internet of Services Jour FixeE-Finance Lab e.V.Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Oct 31, 2011Cost-Efficient Software Service Distribution in Infrastructure Clouds – Runtime Optimization Approaches Postgraduate Seminar - Current Research Topics in Multimedia CommunicationsMultimedia Communications Lab - TU DarmstadtDarmstadt, Germany
Oct 17, 2011Let’s Get Physical?! - When to (not) use Virtual Machines in your Research Graduate Seminar - Current Research Topics in Multimedia CommunicationsMultimedia Commnications Lab - TU DarmstadtDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 06, 2011Optimizing the Distribution of Software Services in Infrastructure Clouds SERVICES 2011, Ph.D. SymposiumIEEEWashington D.C., USA
May 03, 2011Software Service Distribution in Cloud Computing Infrastructures ColloquiumUniversity of ViennaVienna, Austria
Apr 26, 2011Cloud Computing - An Introduction Industrial Colloquium "Cloud Computing"Multimedia Communications Lab - TU DarmstadtDarmstadt, GermanyDownload document