November 18-21, 2003 Multimedia Interactive Protocols andSystems MIPS2003 Napoli, Italy
November 5-8, 2003 IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet2003 IADIS2003 Algarve, Portugal
November 2-7, 2003 ACM Multimedia ACMMM 2003 San Francisco, CA, USA
October 6-10, 2003 IX Argentine Congress on Computer Science CACIC2003 La Plata, Argentinia
6.-8. Oktober 2003 8th International Workshop on MobileMultimedia Communications MoMuC2003 München, Germany
September 28- October 1, 2003 The 11th IEEE International Conferenceon Networks ICON2003 Sydney, Australia
September 24, 2003 GI Arbeitsgespräch: Qualität in Peer-to-Peer Netzen TU Darmstadt, Germany
September 16-19, 2003 Fifth COST 264 International Workshopon Networked Group Communications NGC2003 and Third International Workshop on Internet Chargingand QoS Technology ICQT2003 UniBW, Müchen, Germany
September 16-18, 2003 eLearning Fachtagung Informatik der Gesellschaftfür Informatik eLFI 2003 Müchen, Germany
September 7-10, 2003 6th IFIP/IEEE International Conferenceon Management of Multimedia Networks and Services MMNS2003 Belfast, United Kingdom
September 3-5, 2003 29thEuromicro Conference 2003 Antalya, Turkey
August 15-29, 2003 ACMSIGCOMM 2003 with Workshop on Models, Methods and Toolsfor Reproducible Network Research MoMeTools'03 Karlsruhe, Germany
June 30 - July 3, 2003 8th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication ISCC2003 Kemer - Antalya, Turkey
May 28, 2003 eFinanceLab Eröffnungsveranstaltung Frankfurt, Germany
May 20-24, 2003 The Twelfth International World WideWeb Conference WWW2003 Budapest, Hungary
May 19-22, 2003 23rd International Conference on DistributedComputing Systems ICDCS2003 Providence, Rhode Island, USA
May 11-15, 2003 International Conference on Communications ICC 2003 Anchorage, Alaska, USA
February 24-March 1, 2003 Kommunikation in verteilten Systemen KiVS2003 Universität Leipzig, Germany
February 19, 2003 httc Workshop Telemedia-Learning TU Darmstadt, Germany
January 29-31, 2003 SPIE Conference on Multimedia Computingand Networking MMCN2003 Santa Clara, California