December 14-16, 201615th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications IUCC 2016 with Workshop End-to-end service orchestration for 5G and beyond workshop En2ESO 2016Granada, Spain
November 16-17, 20163rd ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments BuildSys 2016Stanford, CA, USA
November 7-10, 201641st IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks LCN 2016Dubai, UAE
October 16-19, 2016ACM SIGCHI Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play CHI PLAY 2016Austin, TX, USA
October 15-19, 2016ACM Multimedia 2016Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 26-27, 20162st Joint Conference on Serious Games (7th GameDays Conference and 6th SGDA Conference) JCSG 2016Brisbane, Australia
September 14-16, 201622nd International Conference on Collaboration and Technology CRIWG 2016Kanazawa, Japan
September 11-14, 2016Die E-Learning Fachtagung Informatik DeLFI 2016Potsdam, Germany
September 10-13, 2016IEEE HealthCom 2016 with International Workshop on Service Science for e-Health SSH 2016München, Germany
September 4-7, 2016Konferenz Mensch und Computer 2016Aachen, Germany
July 25-28, 201616th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies ICALT 2016Austin, Texas, USA
July 11-15, 2016IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo ICME 2016 with Workshop on Multimedia Services and Technologies for E-health MUST-EH 2016
June 20-24, 201610th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems DEBS 2016Irvine, CA, USA
June 10-11, 2016Junges Forum für Medien und Hochschulentwicklung JFMH 2016Darmstadt, Germany
June 4, 2016GameDays 2016Darmstadt, Germany
May 10-13, 2016ACM Multimedia Systems MMSys 2016 with Special Session Media Synchronization MediaSyncKlagenfurt, Austria
April 25-29, 2016 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference LAK 2016Edinburgh, UK
April 23-25, 20166th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science CLOSER 2016Rome, Italy
April 8, 2016SFB MAKI Scientific Workshop 2016 "Robust Communication in Software-Defined and Mobile Networks"Darmstadt, Germany
February 22-24, 2016European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit eMOOCS 2016Graz, Austria