Until 2001

December 18-20, 2001 EuroWeb2001 Venice, Italy
November 7-9, 2001 Third International Workshop on NetworkedGroup Communication NGC2001 UCL, London, UK
October 29-November 1, 2001 IFIP/IEEE International Conference onManagement of Multimedia Networks and Services MMNS2001 DePaul University, Chicago IL, USA
October 15-20,2001 VII Argentine Congress on Computer ScienceCACIC2001 El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentinia
October 15-18, 2001 Third International Conference on Information,Communications & Signal Processing ICICS2001 Singapore
October 9-12, 2001 The 9th IEEE International Conferenceon Networks ICON2001 Bangkok, Thailand
October 8-10, 2001 ABIS-Workshop2001 Dortmund, Germany
September 30-October 5, 2001 The 9th ACM Multimedia ACMMM 2001 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
September 26-28, 2001 Workshop der Informatik2001, Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der GI und OCG Universität Wien, Österreich
24.-25. September 2001 Arbeitskonferenz Elektronische GeschäftsprozesseEBP2001 Universität Klagenfurt, Österreich
September 4-8, 2001 5th European Conference on Research andAdvantage Technology for Digital Libraries ECDL2001 Darmstadt, Germany
September 4-7, 2001 8th International Workshop on InteractiveDistributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services IDMS2001 Lancaster, UK
September 4-6, 2001 27th EUROMICRO Workshop on Multimediaand Telecommunications EMMTC2001 Warsaw
July 22-25, 2001 The 5th World Multi-Conference on Systemics,Cybernetics and Informatics SCI2001 Sheraton World Resort, Orlando, Florida,USA
July 3-5, 2001 The 6th IEEE Symposium on Computers andCommunications ISCC2001 Hammamet, Tunesia
June 5-8, 2001 Ninth International Workshop on Qualityof Service IWQoS2001 University of Karlsruhe, Germany
May 21-22, 2001 Communications and Multimedia SecurityCMS2001 GMD Darmstadt
April 2-3, 2001 The 2nd IP-Telephony Workshop IPTEL2001 New York City, USA
März 2001 Gemeinsame ArbeitskonferenzGI-Fachgruppe 2.5.3 Verläßliche IT-Systeme, ITG-Fachausschuß 6.2 System-und Anwendungssoftware, Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft undTeleTrusT Deutschland: Kommunikationssicherheit - Schwerpunkt Internet-  
20.-23. Februar 2001 Kommunikation in verteilten SystemenKiVS2001 Hamburg
January 8-12, 2001 The 2001 Symposium on Applications and the Internet DoubleTree Hotel, San Diego, California,USA
January 3-6, 2001 Hawaii International Conference on SystemSciences HICSS-34 Outrigger Wailea Resort Maui
November 27-December 1, 2000 IEEE Globecom 2000: GlobalInternet 2000 San Francisco, California
November 8-10, 2000 2nd International Workshop on NetworkedGroup Communication NGC2000 Stanford University, Palo Alto, California,USA
November 9-10, 2000 The 25th Annual IEEE Conference on LocalComputer Networks Embassy Suites, Tampa, Florida
November 9-10, 2000 Intelligent Interactive Assistance andMobile Multimedia Computing IMC2000 Rostock-Warnemünde
October 30-November 3, 2000 The 8th ACM International MultimediaConference ACMMM 2000 Los Angeles, California
October 17-20, 2000 7th International Workshop on InteractiveDistributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services IDMS 2000 CTIT / University of Twente, Enschede,The Netherlands
19.-22. September 2000 Workshop der GI-Jahrestagung Informatik:Sicherheit in Mediendaten Berlin
September 7-8, 2000 4th International Workshop on Query Processingand Multimedia Issues in Distributed Systems QPMIDS2000 Greenwich, London, UK
September 5-8, 2000 IEEE International Conference on NetworksICON2000 National University of Singapore
August 1-4, 2000 International Forum cum Conferenceon Information Technology and Communication at the Dawnof the New Millennium Bangkok, Thailand (PC member)
August 1-2, 2000 The Second International Workshop onSoftware Engineering and Multimedia Applications SEMA2000 Baden-Baden
July 26-28, 2000 Third IFIP/IEEE International Conferenceon the Management of Multimedia Networks and Services MMNS2000 Fortaleza - Ceará, Brasil (PC member)
July 4-7, 2000 The International Workshop on Next GenerationInternet Technologies and Applications 2000 NGITA2000 in conjunction with the 7th International Conferenceon Parallel and Distributed Systems IEEEICPADS 2000 Iwate Prefectural University, Iwate,Japan
July 3-6, 2000 Second International Network ConferenceINC 2000 Plymouth, UK (PC member)
June 27-29, 2000 The Fourth IEEE Symposium on Computersand Communications ISCC 2000 Cannes, France (PC member)
June 26-29, 2000 Joint IEEE ATM Workshop 2000 ATM2000 and the 3rd International Conference on ATM ICATM2000 Heidelberg, Germany (PC member)
June 11-16, 2000 Multimedia for Multimedia: Learning and Teachingin the Next Decade Schloß Dagstuhl
June 05-07, 2000 Eighth International Workshop on Qualityof Service IWQoS2000 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh,(PC member)
May 15-19, 2000 Ninth International World Wide Web ConferenceWWW9 2000 Amsterdam (PC member)
12.-13. April 2000 1stIP-Telephony Workshop Berlin
March 9-12, 2000 8th International Conference on TelecommunicationSystems TSM 2000 Nashville, TN (PC member)
Feb 27-Mar 3, 2000 First International Workshop on IntelligentMultimedia Computing and Networking IMMCN 2000 Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, New Jersey,USA (PC member)
Feb 27-28, 2000 10th IEEE WORKSHOP on Research Issuesin Data Engineering RIDE2000 Holiday Inn on the Bay, San Diego (PCmember)
  ACMMultimedia 99 Orlando
February 21-25 1999 ACMHypertext '99 conference Darmstadt
June 3rd to 5th, 1999

Modeling Multimedia Support in Next Generation HighSpeed Networks NGHSN99

Warsaw, Poland
March 18-21, 1999 7th InternationalConference on Telecommunication Systems Modeling and Analysis Nashville, Tennessee, USA
October 12-15, 1999 IDMS99 (6th International Workshop on Interactive DistributedMultimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services) Toulouse, France
August 3 - 5, 1999 SEMA 99First International Workshop on Software Engineering and MultimediaApplications, constituent of the 11th International Conference onSystems Research, Informatics and Cybernetice Baden-Baden, Germany
March 18-21, 1999 TSMA99 (7th International Conference on Telecommunication SystemsModeling and Analysis) Nashville, Tennessee, USA
2.-5. März 1999 KiVS99 (11. ITG/VDE Fachtagung Kommunikation in VerteiltenSystemen) Darmstadt (Local Organisation)
2. März 1999 Arbeitsgespräch Active Networks &QoS im Rahmen der KiVS99 (11. ITG/VDE Fachtagung Kommunikation in VerteiltenSystemen) Darmstadt (Leitung des Arbeitsgesprächs)
10.-12. Septermber 1997 European Workshop on Interactive DistributedMultimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services IDMS97 Darmstadt (Local Organisation)