The MOLEM project aims to develop and evaluate new ways of training of employees in the electromobility sector. Mobile devices shall be used during training and knowledge acquisition. The learning resources offered to the learner shall be adapted to his or her current situation and needs. KOM is involved in the overall technical design, implementation and evaluation with a focus on context detection and the adaptivity resp. adaptability of the learning system regarding the learners context. 

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This project is supported by funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and from the European Social Fund of the European Union (ESF).

Publications regarding MOLEM

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Test our Q&A System

A central result of the MOLEM project developed by our Lab is a Question and Answering (Q&A) System. It is available as Web application and in addition as Android App.

You can register your self for our demo application at and download the app from the application (Über MOLEM -> Download Android App).