Knowledge Media – Overview

Our focus within the Knowledge Media area lies in the media, and knowledge-media in particular. We are interested in the development of concepts and procedures for media creation and media management, and the use of knowledge media in telemedia scenarios. Our main application environment involves E-Learning and E-Teaching, however the concepts are also applicable within other environments.

We look at different kind of media - from didactical prepared Web based Trainings to user generated content. Following picture shows the different media.

IT in Traffic and Transport


We distinguish 2 major areas and different challenges in these areas as shown in the pictures:

  • Support of "traditional" Knowledge Media Lifecycle, which covers authoring, provision and learning of media which is authored by a teacher or author and used by a learner
  • Support of resource based knowledge acquisition using web resources including user generated content

Our competencies and contributions are in

 "traditional" Knowledge Media Lifecycle

  • Knowledge Document Lifecycle Management
  • Pattern based Re-Purposing Wizard
  • Modularization and Multi-Granular Reuse of Learning Resources

 resource based knowledge acquisition using web resources

  • Scaffolds for Resource Based Learning
  • E-Learning Knowledge Management Systems
  • Structural Web Page Analysis