Serious Gaming – Overview

The focus of the Serious Gaming group at KOM tackles the analysis and combination of game technology and gaming concepts combined with other research disciplines, technologies, methods and concepts and its integration and use within that broad range of application domains.

Research topics and challenges include..

  • Interactive Digital Storytelling and the Narrative Paradox: Narration vs. Interaction
  • Technology-enhanced Learning with Storytelling and Games
  • Content Production and Authoring Tools

Background Information

The Creative Industries, Gaming and New Media represent a fast moving sector which creates both concepts and technology, driven by consumer demand for faster, more realistic and immersive experiences. The annual turnover of the prospering games market world-wide has been ~7 bn EUR in 2006 and is estimated to ~11 bn EUR for 2010; in Germany/Europe, the growth rate from 2006 to 2007 has been >21% (Source: GAME 2008, based on market studies by PWC, SreenDigest Report and BIU). Hereby, apart from the traditional sales part of videogames and consoles, online games and serious games represent prospering domains and become more and more relevant.

While wikipedia states 'A serious game is a software application developed with game technology and game design principles for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment', Roger Smith (CTO U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation) underlines the multifaceted potential of games and gaming technology in a broad range of application domains: 'The computer gaming industry has begun to export powerful products and technologies from its entertainment roots to a number of "serious" industries. Games are adopted for defense, medicine, architecture, education, city planning, government..'