Distributed Sensing Systems – Competencies and Staff

Semantic Sensor Description and RepresentationDoreen Böhnstedt 

Decentralized Communication Services for Post-Disaster Scenarios - Resource Allocation, Prioritization, and Long-Range Communication Support

Patrick Lieser
High Accurate, Dynamic Maps for Highly Automated DrivingFlorian Jomrich
Information Management in Vehicular NetworksTobias Meuser
Proactive Adaptation of Heterogeneous V2X Communication Daniel Bischoff
Aerial Communication Support for Highly Intermittent Ad Hoc NetworksJulian Zobel
Centrality based information placement for resilient digital citiesBenjamin Becker


Former Colleagues


Location-based Filtering and Locality-aware Dissemination MechanismsBjörn Richerzhagen
Services Provisioning in Opportunistic NetworksThe An Binh Nguyen
Reducing the Number of SensorsFrank Englert

Fine-granular Sensing of Power Consumption

Alaa Alhamoud
Collaborative Sensing in Automotive Scenarios: Enhancement of the Vehicular Electronic Horizon through Collaboratively Sensed KnowledgeDaniel Burgstahler
Connecting Vehicles to the InternetTobias Rückelt