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Current Projects

LOEWE Schwerpunkt Infrastruktur - Design - Gesellschaft (2018-2021): A research project focussing on mobility of individuals compared to the traffic system and its infrastructure to target the question after potential tasks and methods for efficient design in the context of mobility.

In cooperation with httc: The innovation network Serious Games Technologies (2017-2018) is an independent body to help foster the potential of serious games for the economy and the society.

BMBF KMU-Inno: PDExergames (2017-2020).

Industry, in cooperation with httc: IUNO (2016-2017). Learning game for IT security risks in modern factories (industry 4.0). Developed for the IUNO research project.

Industry, in cooperation with httc and the institute for pedagogy at TU Darmstadt: IbeA (Online Instrument zur Erfassung des beruflichen Aspirationsfeldes von Kindern und Jugendlichen), 2016-2017.

AR Rückentrainer (2016-2019). Integrated back pain detection system based on postural and gait analysis, weight distribution and perturbations in muscular activity using commercial and specific sensors. Designed in collaboration with the institute for sports science. Funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung.

BMBF SW Campus: Smastra (2015-2017). Conceptualization and implementation of a toolsuite for graphical smartphone programming. In collaboration with the Software AG

LOEWE Hessen ModellProjekt. VR-Diagnosesystem: A Technology-Supported Determination of the Effect of Immersive 3D Environments (2015-2016). Research in the context of consumer VR devices and cybersickness.

EU: ALFRED (Personalised Health Systems, 2013-2016). Personal Interactive Assistant for Independent Living and Active Ageing, see
TUD/KOM elaborates mobile, game-based health services.

TUD/UNICO: Urban Health Games (2013-2018). Interdisciplinary Research in the context of the new University Industry Collaborative Initiative (UNICO) among TUD's faculties etit and architecture. See also

BMBF: NeuroCare (AAL, Cognitive Training, 2013-2016)

BMBF: inDAgo (AAL, Mobility Support, 2011-2014)

Industry, in cooperation with httc: Software AG (Training Environment, 2013-2014)

Industry, in cooperation with httc: ISPRAT (Participation 2.0, 2012-2013). Technical Basis: Unity 3D.

TUD, interdisciplinary research: Serious Games for Health (Technology-based Measurement of Effects in Personalised Exergames, 2012-2013)


Strategic Research, in cooperation with httc: ErgoActive (Personalized Exergame for circuit training, since 2010). Technical Basis: Unity 3D, Wii Balance Board and Ergometer. Further information:,

Strategic Research, in cooperation with httc: BalanceFit (Personalized Exergame for coordination, strength and balance training, since 2011).

Further information:,

Strategic Research: Woodment (Multiplayer 3D Learning/Training Environment for Collaborative Learning, Editor for Content Integration/Catalogues, since 2010). Technical Basis: Unity 3D.

Strategic Research: Escape from Wilson Island (Multiplayer 3D Training Environment, Collaborative Training, Game Mastering, Support for Instructor/Trainer, since 2011). Technical Basis: Unity 3D.

LOEWE Hessen ModellProjekt: Serious Games for Health (Personalised Exergame, Nutrition, 2012)
LOEWE Hessen ModellProjekt: Genius (Serious Games and Social Media, 2011-2012).

TUD, interdisciplinary research: PEDALE - Peer Education Diagnosis And Learning Environment
 (2011-2012) Technical Basis: StoryTec.
Online Game Der Wechsel:

DFG Graduiertenkolleg: Qualitätsverbesserung im E-Learning durch rückgekoppelte Prozesse (2010-2011)

HMWK: Virtual Sports Teacher (Training Environment, Narrative Framing, 2009-2011)

Technical Basis: StoryTec, Unity 3D.

Industry, in cooperation with httc: Der Chaos-Fluch: Darmstadt im Bann des Zauberers (City Marketing with Serious Games, 2011), see

BMBF: Motivotion 60+ (Ambient Assisted Living, Authoring Exergames, 2009-2012)

Technical Basis: StoryTec.

LOEWE Hessen ModellProjekt: StoryTec (Authoring Tool for Learn-Adventures, 2009-2010)


EU: 80Days (Technology-enhanced Learning, 2007-2009)


Further information about projects, demos and the underlying technology platform StoryTec provided by the Serious Games group are available at


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