BibFrame 4 Windows


Since we frequently use BibFrame under UNIX for generating citation lists, we were searching for an adequate mechanism under Windows (both 9? or NT).

Based on the ideas in the original BibFrame package we implemented a basic support for that.

This software (though working for us) is still under development and this snapshot including the source code is intentionally given to everybody who wants to use it for testing, usage or further development.


Installation (under Windows)

  • Start the self-extracting Archive bibfr.exe

  • Install wherever you want in your filesystem (e.g.: C:\bibframe)

  • Install Directory is from now on called <INSTALL_DIR>

  • Generate an icon on your desktop


    • Programme: <INSTALL_DIR>\PROGS\cygwish80.exe

    • Customize the icon

      Programme: <INSTALL_DIR>\PROGS\cygwish80.exe <INSTALL_DIR>\PROGS\anbibfr.tcl

      Working Directory: <INSTALL_DIR>\FRAME


  • Maintain a central Bibliography-File


    • at KOM it is: /afs/kom/doc/publications/kom.bib

    • Update: 1. Patch for anbibfr.tcl allows specification of a number of bibliography-Files in input/bibnames.txt

    • in your Installation it is: <INSTALL_DIR>\FRAME


  • Bibliography-Entries have the form commonly known from BibTeX


      author = {Christian Huitema},

       title = {{IPv6}},

       year = 1996,

       publisher = {Prentice Hall},

       isbn = {0-13-241936-X}


    in this case you refer to the entry by: Hui96


  • Insert the Reference-Variable into your text in the form:


    • [<Name of the Variable>]

    • in our example it is: [<Hui96>]


  • Variables that are already present can be seen in Framemaker with "Special-Variable",


    • in our example the variable would have the name cite-Hui96


  • Mention:


    • The outfit of the citation that is finally generated inside the text

      can in principle be influenced by the parameters given to the program

      (e.g. already with opening and closing brackets [])

    • in the Book Multimedia Technology (Prof. R. Steinmetz) (that we used the tool for) the brackets were notated explicitely, in this case you would therefore have to write [[<Hui96>]]


  • Start the program by clicking at the Icon

Files that shall be used have to be stored in .mif format in the directory <INSTALL_DIR>\FRAME\INPUT
using "File"-"Select input files" you select all files, that match that pattern

Select the outfit of the generated citations (e.g. [1] or [Steinm99])
in menu "Bibliography Style"

Generate the .mif Output-Files (with the same name as the originals) and the citation file cites.mml in <INSTALL_DIR>/FRAME/OUTPUT

Acknowledgement and Links

The tool has been programmed in 1999 by Ralf Ackermann.