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ELWMS E-Learning KnoWledge Management System

The web is increasingly being used as an information source to gain new knowledge, however the management of such found web pages remains a challenging task. Social tagging systems are more and more often being used for resource management. Besides the obvious use of tags – organizing a collection of web resources – they support functionalities like sharing resources with other users and recommending further possibly relevant web pages.


In ELWMS, we develop novel concepts and create an application based on an extended tagging concept to support resource management. One aspect is the apposition of semantic information to tags and tagging fragments of web pages instead of whole web pages. Sharing and semiautomatic merging of the individual knowledge networks make collaboration possible.


Overall we want to support the different steps of resource management, which are parts of resource based learning, by providing this single tool ELWMS. These different steps are shown in the picture below.


Components of ELWMS

ELWMS consists of three major components:

1. An ELWMS Firefox plugin to persist, organize, and annotate web resources in a web browser during research.


2. A Knowledge Base based on the k-infinity software as a backend for storage of all information and resources.

3. An ELWMS portal for searching and browsing of resources in the knowledge network.


Download ELWMS Firefox Plugin

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How to use ELWMS

Additional Information

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