Komssys - KOM(S) Streaming System

General Information

The KOM(S) Streaming System provides a server, a client, and a proxy cache for audio/video streaming. The first and foremost encoding format that we use is MPEG-1 System. The primary platforms is Linux.

It does not handle data in pull mode (File, HTTP and FTP) but uses RTSP/RTP (and Files). It uses RTSP as control protocol to communicate with possible streaming servers. The video data is transported via RTP.

On all working platforms, a rudimentary but functional streaming server is available. On AIX 4.3, the server is able to act as a replacement RTSP server for IBM's VideoCharger. README for further information. Please read the file COPYRIGHT for copyright information.

Note: We do not have time and infrastructure to completely and thoroughly test every detail. This is a research prototype so use it at your own risk!


      Main Programming: Carsten Griwodz (griff@ifi.uio.no)
Michael Zink (zink@kom.tu-darmstadt.de)

Additional Programming: Rico "Nevergiveup" Tunk
Steffen Theiss
Ralf Becker
Alex Jonas
Giwon On
Michael Liepert

With Additional Help: Elmar Braun
Oliver Merkel
Gunnar Gudmundsson
Jan Hansen