Talks and Presentations

Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
Apr 01, 2004 Token-based Accounting for Peer-to-Peer Systems 2. Review des Projekts "Market Management of Peer-to-Peer ServicesBrussels, Belgium
Apr 02, 2004 Integration and User Trials 2. Review des Projekts "Market Management of Peer-to-Peer ServicesBrussels, Belgium
Apr 05, 2004Ralf SteinmetzSeamless Multimedia Communications Workshop Darmstadt, Germany
Apr 27, 2004 KOM & Kooperationsmöglichkeiten Kooperation/ DiplomarbeitOberursel, germany
Apr 28, 2004Ralf SteinmetzPräsentation des FB, Moderation Verleihung des Küpfmüller-RingsDarmstadt, Germany
May 04, 2004Ralf SteinmetzFuture Communication Technologies: Peer-to-Peer - more than a disruptive technology? Campus Projekt MeetingWürzburg, Germany
May 13, 2004 3G-WLAN Interworking - NS2 Implementation of IEEE 802.11(f) Panasonic KolloquiumLangen, Germany
May 24, 2004 Quality of Service in Future Networks for Mobile Communication ForschungsvortragDarmstadt, Germany
May 26, 2004 Peer-to-Peer Systeme - Grundlagen und Stand der Technik Vorstellung des Projekts "Market Management of Peer-to-Peer Services" and der HTL HollabrunnHollabrunn, Austria
May 28, 2004 Content Management as Part of CDN E-Next WG 3 WorkshopSophia-Antipolis, France
Jun 01, 2004 The Quest for Dependability in Ad Hoc Communication Networks 5-Slides for Nicolas GeorganasDarmstadt, Germany
Jun 08, 2004 Network Calculus meets Queueing Theory - A Simulation Based Approach to Bounded Queues Internation Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQOS 2004)Montreal, Canada
Jun 10, 2004Ralf Steinmetz???? Campus Projekt MeetingStuttgart, Germany
Jun 15, 2004 The Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector Protocol: An Analytical Model of Route Acquisition Proccess 5-Slides for Cooperation TUD - BUPT ChinaDarmstadt, Germany
Jun 15, 2004 IT-Infrastructures supporting Distributed Workflows GK-RetreatHirschegg, Austria
Jun 15, 2004 On the Elasticity of Trac Matrices and the Impact on Capacity Expansion. Networks 2004Vienna, Austria
Jun 23, 2004 On the Effect of Node Misbehavior in Ad Hoc Networks IEEE ICC 2004Paris, France
Jun 24, 2004 Mobile Networking: Goals & Challenges Virginia Tech CollaborationDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 01, 2004Ralf SteinmetzBericht über die Aktivitäten des httc im Jahr 2003 und im 1. Hj. 2004 MitgliederversammlungDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 05, 2004 From Security to Trust: New Challenges for the E-Finance Industry E-Finance Lab Joure FixeFrankfurt (Main), Germany