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Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
Dec 23, 2004Jan HansenCopyright Basics Lecture Copyright LawDarmstadt, Germany
Jan 11, 2005 Emerging IT Architectures Supporting Flexible Business Processes Kooperation T-Systems & E-Finance LabFrankfurt (Main), Germany
Jan 14, 2005Matthias HollickVision and Scenario for Provider-mediated Communication Project MeetingDarmstadt, Germany
Jan 14, 2005Matthias HollickProvider-mediated Communications - Open Issues and Next Steps in Research Project MeetingDarmstadt, Germany
Jan 14, 2005Tronje KropProvider-mediated Communication - Visions, Scenarios, and Proposed Sollution DoCoMo KolloquiumDarmstadt, Germany
Jan 15, 2005Jan HansenCopyright and E-Learning - Partners or Enemies ? 3th Conference on E-Learning ApplicationsKairo, Egypt
Jan 17, 2005Ralf SteinmetzEfficiency in P2P Networking Symposium des Feldafinger Kreises 2005Bad Honnef, Germany
Jan 17, 2005Ralf SteinmetzSoftware-Agenten Symposium des Feldafinger Kreises 2005Bad Honnef, Germany
Jan 28, 2005Matthias HollickMobile Networking Group (MobNet) - Group Strategy - Spring 2005 KOM Management Retreat 2005 (Lufthansa Bildungszentrum)Seeheim, Germany
Jan 31, 2005Matthias Hollick802.16 Revisited - A Case for Mesh Networks Project MeetingMunich, Germany
Jan 31, 2005 Case for Mesh Networks MobQoS Treffen -MuenchenMunich, Germany
Feb 01, 2005Matthias HollickCommunication Networks III - Mobile Networking - Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Communication Networks FachbereichsratsitziungDarmstadt, Germany
Feb 04, 2005Matthias HollickMobile Ad hoc Networking Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems (Spring/Summer 2005)Oslo, Norway
Feb 04, 2005Matthias HollickDependable Rouing for Cellular and Ad hoc Networks Colloquium at Distributed Multimedia Systems Lab/Department of InformaticsOslo, Norway
Feb 08, 2005Christoph RensingRessource Center: Ein digitales Repository für die Erstellung und Wiederverwendung von E-Learning Content 3. Darmstädter E-Learning SymposiumDarmstadt, Germany
Feb 10, 2005Ralf SteinmetzDual Mode TUD - the Vision and the Way towards it Atlantis WorkshopDarmstadt, Germany
Feb 14, 2005Ralf SteinmetzP2P Kommunkation als Herausforderung zum strukturierten Design von Overlay-Netzen Informatik KolloquiumKaiserslautern, Germany
Feb 14, 2005 Appliance of self learning algorithms for sensor evaluation Darmstadt, Germany
Feb 15, 2005Matthias HollickVision for Provider-mediated Communication Project MeetingMunich, Germany
Feb 15, 2005 Data Assurance in a Conventional File Systems Eingeladener VortragDarmstadt, Germany