Communication Networks I – General Information

Communication Networks I
TUCaN course ID:  18-sm-1010-vl,  18-sm-1010-ue
Contact: kn1@kom...
Organization: Thomas Tregel,
Anna Filighera, Jannis Weil

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, Communication Networks I will be held online as of now. However, due to the changing situation, any exception to this approach will be communicated in advance. Traditionally, Communication Networks I has been a Dual Mode course. What does this mean?

Please go through the tabs Description, Resources and FAQ for further details.

Course Description

In this class, the technologies that make today's communication networks work are introduced and discussed. First, the physical layer, which is responsible for an adequate transmission across a channel, is described briefly. The second part deals with the error control, flow control and medium access mechanisms of the data link layer. Finally, the network layer is discussed. It comprises mainly routing and congestion control algorithms. The Internet is thoroughly studied throughout the whole course. The higher layers (transport, application) are subject of Communication Networks 2, which is the sequel to this lecture.

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Due to the present situation around COVID 19, we are not going to hold the lectures physically. The slides and the recordings from the last on-campus year are uploaded Moodle (see Moodle section). The new recordings, for example, about the organization of the course this year will also be uploaded on Moodle. In case the situation improves, necessary information will be posted here and on KN1 Moodle as well.

The kick-off lecture is scheduled for Monday, 12 April at 11:40 and will take place via Zoom. The link and additional information about further interactive sessions will be available on Moodle.

As we usually have large number of participants, we request you to adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Please use your full name when you log into the session.
2. Please turn off the video.
3. Please stay on mute unless you are asking a question.
4. Please use the blue hand feature of Zoom to ask a question and wait for your turn.
5. If there is any exception to these rules, it will be communicated during the live session.

A short step-by-step guide for Zoom session is also uploaded in the Guidelines and Announcement section on Moodle. If you have questions about this session, please write to kn1@kom.tu-darmstadt.


All materials including important dates, slides, recordings, exercises and sample solutions are available on the CN1 moodle page. Please make sure to subscribe to our Moodle course in order to stay informed.

You should be automatically enrolled if you register for the course via TUCaN. The password for self-enrollment is KN1SoSe21.


Usually a week before the due date of the exercise, tasks are made available on Moodle. Please look there for detailed schedule and the nature of the tasks. The solutions are provided on/after the exercise due date.

Additional information about the bonus system can be found on Moodle.

Exam (Prüfung)

KN1 has a written exam every summer semester and a re-examination every winter semester, which, depending on the number of participants, is usually also written.

If required, an early examination is also offered for Erasmus students in the summer semester.

Further information about exact dates and rooms can be found in TUCaN.