Social Learning and Knowledge Sharing Technologies (20-00-0773-iv)

Welcome to the (small) website for the lecture on social learning and knowledge sharing technologies.

This lecture is offered by the specialists from the knowledge media group at Multimedia Communication Lab. If you are interested, show up on the first lecture where we give detailed information about the expectations and topics covered or in case of questions, do not hesistate to contact us (really, see right side).

Primary course information can be obtained through TUCaN (20-00-0773-iv).

Lecture: Wednesdays 09:50 in S320/5 (starting 17.10.2018)
Exercise: Wednesdays 13:30 in S103/161 (starting 17.10.2018)

Schedule is subject to change! This lecture is not pure traditional slide-based lecture. We will explore some topics together, have discussion sessions and provide sometimes material for self-study instead of lecture, etc.

Lecture and Exercise Language

Lecture as well as exercise language will be german. The lecture slides are offered in english.

Topic Overview

The diagram shows a rough overview of the topics to be covered during the term (click to enlarge).

Schedule (Preliminary)

Lecture Material - moodle

To provide lecture material, lecture recordings, exercise sheets we use our own moodle platform (not to be confused with TU Darmstadt or FB20/ComputerScience Moodle). We will explain the reason in the frist lecture.

For registration sent us an E-Mail at containing the following information:
- Subject: moodle-registration
- First Name
- Last Name
- Matriculation number
- E-Mail address

We will sent you your account information.

Lecture contact

In case of lecture related questions please contact us via email at



Dr.-Ing. Christoph Rensing