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Praktika, Projektseminare und Projektpraktika
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In a lab exercise (Praktikum) students work on practice-oriented problems, gaining important insights into software, tools, and methodologies used in the field of communication networks. The scope of the lab lies on the design and implementation of software or hardware solutions to solve the given problem. Available tasks cover all research areas of KOM, including the design and implementation of protocols and applications for multimedia systems. 

While the lab focuses on the software design and implementation part, a project (Projektseminar, Projektpraktikum) aims to provide a more scientific approach to solving the problem at hand. This includes an extensive literature review of existing approaches and, based on the review, carefully reasoned design decisions that lead to an implemented solution. Therefore, a project at KOM is considered a good preparation for a future bachelor or master thesis.

Currently offered Labs and Projects

Multimedia Communications Lab / Project KOMXX

Contents in a Nutshell

Multimedia Communications Lab / Project

Multimedia Communications Lab I/II, Multimedia Communications Project I/II
TUCaN course ID: 18-sm-1020-pr, 18-sm-2070-pr, 18-sm-1030-pj, 18-sm-2080-pj, 18-sm-2130-pr

The Multimedia Communications Lab / Project is offered both in the summer and in the winter term. Students can choose from a wide variety of topics covering all research areas of KOM. All topics (lab and project) are introduced by the respective supervisor during a kickoff seminar at the beginning of each semester. Based on the scope and complexity of the task, it is offered either as lab or as project targeting bachelor or master students in electrical engineering and computer science. 

Students attending the lab or project should have prior experience in an object-oriented programming language such as Java. Lectures covering basic networking technologies and protocols (e.g., Communication Networks, Net Centric Systems) are also highly recommended. Individual tasks might have more specific requirements, which are stated during the kickoff seminar. For more information and the list of currently offered topics, please visit the homepage of the Multimedia Communications Lab/Project.