Serious Games Seminar

Serious Games Seminar

TUCaN course IDs: 20-00-0328-se

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. (habil.) Stefan Göbel

Organization: Philipp Müller

Contact: sg-teaching@kom...


Due to the current situation of COVID 19, we have all our appointments online.

 The lab "Serious Games" is targeted at students of computer science, electral engineering, human sciences, as well as related courses of study such as WI-ET or Wirtschaftsinformatik. It is open to both bachelor and master/diploma students.

  The topics relate to current research questions in the field of (serious) games, partly in cooperation with partners from the games industry and/or serious sames users, and are associated to the following areas:

  • Digital Storytelling and Adventure Games
  • Multiplayer and Collaborative Gaming
  • Game Content Generation
  • Exergames and Games for Health
  • Mobile and Urban Health Games
  • Evaluation and Measurement of Effects


 Additionally, the lab conveys fundamentals on project management.

 You can find further information on the registration, organization and deadlines in our Moodle course.