Algorithms for Mobile Networks (WS 14/15)

TuCaN course ID: 18-sm-2100-vl
Lecturers: Dr.-Ing. Parag Mogre, Dr. Xavier Perez Costa

Update, Aug. 3rd, 2015: This course is no longer offered (last lecture took place in the WS 2014/15). 

Content of the Lecture

The need for efficient algorithms arises in nearly every area of computer science. However, the type of problem to be solved, the notion of what algorithms are "efficient" and even the model of computation can widely vary from area to area. In the course “Algorithms for Mobile Networks” different algorithmic theory domains will be reviewed, focusing on techniques relevant for the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for wireless networks. Within each different domain examples of practical challenges in current mobile networks will be used for illustration purposes.

Students attending the lecture will acquire knowledge in the domain of design and analysis of algorithms for mobile communication networks. Students are able to distinguish the most important basic techniques for algorithm design for mobile networks and get an overview of the state-of-the-art algorithms used typically to address issues which arise in mobile networks. For example, students will be exposed to algorithms for packet scheduling, radio resource management, network performance optimization, multi-hop routing with energy saving considerations etc.

Schedule and Slides

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1.7. Nov.Introduction
2.21. Nov.Sorting
3.12. Dec. (updated!)Divide & Conquer
4.19. Dec.Search Trees
5.23. Jan.Greedy Algorithms
6.6. Feb.Routing Algorithms
7.13. lecture!