Communication Networks IV: Performance Evaluation – General Information


Amr Rizk, Sounak Kar


Welcome to the webpage of the lecture 'Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks' (CN4).

Communication Networks IV was offered for the last time in WS'19-20.

The lecture deals with modeling and performance evaluation of computer networks and communication systems. The emphasis is on current analytical approaches. Owing to these methods a fundamental understanding of major performance related aspects in networking is achieved and basic knowledge for planning, optimization and advancement of communications networks is provided. The relevance and implications of individual theories are illustrated using examples which are drawn mainly from the Internet.  In addition to well-known methods and their applications selected aspects of current research questions will be elaborated on.

Topics of the lecture are:

  • Introduction to performance evaluation and applications
  • Leaky bucket traffic regulators, deterministic traffic models, deterministic and empirical envelopes
  • Scheduling, generalized processor sharing
  • Network calculus, min-plus systems theory, deterministic performance bounds
  • Poisson processes, Markov-chains, classical queuing theory, M|M|1 and M|G|1 models
  • Modeling of packet data traffic, self-similarity
  • Effective bandwidths, moment generating functions, statistical multiplexing
  • Statistical network calculus, effective envelopes, effective performance bounds

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