Introduction Service-oriented Architectures

Service-oriented Architectures (SOA) are a design paradigm for complex systems. Services are the key building block of SOA. A service is a self-describing encapsulation of business functionality (with varying granularity) and is commonly implemented as a software component (e. g. using Web Service technology). Following the SOA paradigm, complete business processes and supporting applications can be assembled out of several independent, distributed and loosely-coupled services. Those services can be provided even by third parties. Service-oriented Architectures are used to create agile and flexible business processes as well as to integrate legacy systems and to support process outsourcing.

For further information please check the following articles / papers / books:

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About our partner Software AG

The project will be in cooperation with Software AG. Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, provides a full range of products and services to deliver a a SOA IT infrastructure, based on over thirty-five years experience in high-performance databases, application development tools and integration technologies. Software AG is represented in around 70 countries with more than 2.600 employees.


You and your team will act as contractor of a (virtual) company. You and your team will help the company integrating their various IT systems using SOA technology.

You will build a solution for your customer using the state-of-the-art crossvision SOA suite from Software AG. In detail, the project tasks will be:

  • Analysis of as-is-state of business process, IT architecture and IT infrastructure
  • Requirements analysis: what are the customers requirements with respect to the new composite application?
  • Modeling of business processes using the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standard
  • Design of an IT architecture for the composite application with respect to the requirements
  • Development of Web services for the integration of legacy systems
  • Integration of existing Web service of third parties, e.g., Google Maps
  • Building / generating the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) code for the execution of the business processes
  • Testing of the composite application

Furthermore, you will have to build your own project organization with different roles and responsibilities (e. g. a team leader, quality management, ...). You will also have to develop a project plan and specification and present your milestones to the customer.


Anyone interested in the intersection of business and IT, e.g. students of


  • Computer Science with interest in business
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • WI-Elektrotechnik
  • ...

Project duration


  • 19.04.2007 - 20.07.2007


Type of meeting
Initial / admin meetingPresentation of project contents, registration18.04.200714:00 S3/06-348 (Seminarraum KOM)
Kick-off meetingIn detail discussion of assignment, planning of further schedule25.04.200715:00S3/06-348 (Seminarraum KOM)



  • Nicolas Repp (primary contact)
  • Julian Eckert
  • Stefan Schulte


Latest update: 23.04.2007