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Distributing Channel Load Information in V2X Ad Hoc Networks with Cooperative Game Theory

August 20, 2019 – ,

Future safety-relevant V2X applications will require a highly reliable and low-latency communication.
Current V2X radio interfaces cannot fulfill the increasing communication requirements. The channel
load of vehicular networks is highly fluctuating. For example, intersections tend to have a higher channel
load due to increased communication needed for cooperative maneuvers. Current approaches respond
to a high channel load not until they sensed it themselves. This can result in lost messages and increases
the overall delay of the network. Since they measure the channel state only for themselves, it is possible
they flood other participants at the boarder of their network which might experience a too high channel
Therefore it is necessary to gain a better knowledge over the channel state not only for each vehicle
individual but beyond the sensing range. A QoS improve could be achieved by predicting channel load
and choosing the appropriate dissemination strategie proactively in order to prevent any perfomance


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Tutor: Bischoff, Meuser

Student: Carsten Englert

Theses in Progress