Dr.-Ing. Tobias Meuser

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 20494

Location: S3|20 208

E-Mail: Tobias.Meuser@...

ORCiD: 0000-0002-2008-5932

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Short Bio

Tobi studied B.Sc. Business Informatics at the Fernuniversität Hagen and M.Sc. Informatics at TU Darmstadt. Since 2016, he is working as a research assistant in the "Distributed Sensing Systems" group at Multimedia Communications Lab. He finished his PhD with the topic "Data Management in Vehicular Networks" end of 2019, in which he assessed the quality of data to improve the data dissemination in vehicular networks. He developed a game-theoretic transmission model to maximize the value provided by the data shared in the network.

Since the beginning of 2020, he is the head of the "Adaptive Communication Systems" group at Multimedia Communications Lab. With the start of the third phase of the CRC MAKI (https://www.maki.tu-darmstadt.de), he became a principal investigator in subproject B1 - Monitoring and Analysis. Additionally, he collaborates with companies like Opel (relevance-based communication for cooperative manoeuvring) and Deutsche Bahn (resilient communication via 5G). His current research interest is centred around approximation techniques for communication networks to increase the resilience of these networks, especially for the mobile communication standard 5G.

Research Interests

  • Vehicular networks
  • Information assessment
  • Game-theoretic modeling
  • Resilience in 5G
  • Approximate Computing

Selected Publications

Tobias Meuser, Daniel Bischoff, Björn Richerzhagen, Ralf Steinmetz:
Cooperative Offloading in Context-Aware Networks: A Game-Theoretic Approach. In: Proceedings of The 13th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems (DEBS ’19), ACM, June 2019. ISBN 978-1-4503-6794-3/19/06.

Tobias Meuser, Martin Wende, Patrick Lieser, Björn Richerzhagen, Ralf Steinmetz:
Adaptive Decision Making Based on Temporal Information Dynamics. In: Proceedings of Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (VEHITS), p. 91-102, SCITEPRESS, March 2018. ISBN 978-989-758-293-6.

All publications: KOM Publications

Supervised Theses

Tim WalterModel based EcoRouting: Development of a Cloud-based Dynamic Model to Predict Energy Consumption in Vehicular RoutesBachelor
Martin WendeData Validity Model: Evaluation of information freshness in Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksBachelor
Martin MöbusSelf-Learning Location-based Information to Support Autonomous Vehicle Drive-Planning in Urban EnvironmentsMaster
Ming LiInformation Quality in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Development of a Model for Information Relevancy EvaluationMaster
Sophie SchönherrHybrid Communication in Vehicular Networks: Combining the Advantages of Cellular and V2V CommunicationMaster
Deepak JayaramCooperative Caching in Vehicular Networks: Distributed Cache Invalidation using Information FreshnessMaster
Björn BüschkeUsing Crowd-sensed Data for Predictive Information-Centric Vehicle Feature EnhancementMaster
Tobias BrudermüllerInterpreting Feature Spaces of Neural Networks for Vehicular PerceptionBachelor
Yahia BriniUtilizing Machine Learning for Efficient Information Dissemination in Vehicular NetworksBachelor
Lukas HeidtHeterogeneous Communication in Vehicular Networks: Influence Factors on the Performance of 802.11p and LTE-AStudien
Marcel VerstDesign of a Disaster Mobility Model based on real-world Movement TracesMaster
Mathias HornjakAnalyse und Einsatz von IoT-Technologien im ParkraummanagementMaster
Sven Dotzauer-KlierScalability Analysis of Context-Aware Publish/Subscribe via MQTTBachelor
Torben UnzickerAssessing Information Quality for Efficient Information Dissemination in Vehicular NetworksMaster

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