Tim Steuer, M. Sc.

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 20463

Location: S3|20117

E-Mail: Tim.Steuer@...

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Research Interests

  • Knowledge & Educational Technologies
  • Learning Analytics
  • Applications of Natural Language Processing in Education

    • Natural Language Generation (NLG)
    • Automatic Question Generation

 I am always looking for motivated students interested in writing a thesis in the field of educational technologies. If you are interested, have a look at open theses or contact me with your own idea. A good starting point for my research interests is are these papers:

  • Pan, L., Lei, W., Chua, T. S., & Kan, M. Y. (2019). Recent Advances in Neural Question Generation. arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.08949.
  • VanLehn, K., Graesser, A. C., Jackson, G. T., Jordan, P., Olney, A., & Rosé, C. P. (2007). When are tutorial dialogues more effective than reading?. Cognitive science, 31(1), 3-62.
  • Anderson, R. C., & Biddle, W. B. (1975). On asking people questions about what they are reading. In Psychology of learning and motivation (Vol. 9, pp. 89-132). Academic Press.

  • Le, N. T., Kojiri, T., & Pinkwart, N. (2014). Automatic question generation for educational applications–the state of art. In Advanced Computational Methods for Knowledge Engineering (pp. 325-338). Springer, Cham.