The module Communication Networks I introduces and analyzes basic technologies of today's communication networks

The KN1 lecture is offered in German. Here is a translation of the course description for information purposes:

This module introduces and analyzes the technologies that form the basis of today's communication networks. The lecture covers basic knowledge about communication networks, focusing on overarching principles (e.g. layer architectures, protocols, service models) and existing internet protocols. The application layer, transport layer, network layer and security layer are examined in detail and references to the physical layer are made. 

The focus regarding the application layer lies on selected protocols such as those used in e-mail and the World Wide Web; these serve to illustrate basic relationships and design decisions. At the transport layer, UDP and TCP with their service models and the underlying protocol mechanisms as well as fundamental questions on flow control, reliability and overload control are considered. At the network layer, the focus is on the fundamental issues of routing and addressing in IP. At the data link layer, issues of flow control, framing and media access are examined.


Lecture: 18-sm-1010-vl

Exercise: 18-sm-1010-ue

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