Towards Relevance-based Dissemination for Cooperative Driving

December 17, 2020 – ,


To increase traffic safety and improve traffic flow in road traffic, V2X applications for cooperative maneuver coordination (MC) and collective perception (CP) are currently being developed [1].

Due to the high mobility of vehicles, the radio channel and thus the communication quality between the cooperation partners is also highly dynamic [2]. For a safe and efficient cooperative driving maneuver, high communication quality is crucial during coordination and execution [3].

In this work, a concept for robust communication using Adhoc (V2X) will be developed to ensure reliable communication for cooperative maneuver coordination.



[2] C. F. Mecklenbrauker et al. „Vehicular Channel Characterization and Its Implications for Wireless System Design and Performance”

[3] Boban, Kousaridas et al.: „Use Cases, Requirements, and Design Considerations for 5G V2X”

Start, Duration, and Requirements

Start: Now. 

Duration: 6 Months.

Requirements: Interest in network simulation and evaluation, C++


Research Area(s):

Tutor: Bischoff,

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