Heterogeneous Data Handling for Robust Vehicular Collective Perception

Supervisor: Ahmad Khalil
KOM-ID: KOM-M-0767 Student: Tizian Dege
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As the development of autonomous vehicles continues to progress, the need for improving detection models becomes increasingly important. However, sharing the data gathered from vehicles with a central server can raise privacy concerns and consume a significant amount of network capacity. Federated learning provides a solution to this challenge by allowing for the training of machine learning models on decentralized data, without the need to transfer raw data to a central server. However, federated learning inherits convergence issues, especially when the data is non-iid (non-independent and identically distributed). This makes studying how the data distribution influences the performance of perception models trained in a federated learning setup in the vehicular collective perception field crucial. By analyzing state-of-the-art approaches and developing novel methods that take into account the data heterogeneity, the student will help improving the accuracy and reliability of perception models. Moreover, training models locally in the vehicle poses significant challenges that require careful consideration, such as dealing with the labeling issue of data collected in real-time. The student will have the opportunity to address these challenges and contribute to the future of autonomous vehicles.


This thesis is open for master's students, and the main tasks are as follows:
•    Explore relevant existing related literature.
•    Formalizing the problem and modeling the solution and
•    Setting up a development environment and implementing the proof of concept or prototype.
•    Evaluation of the proposed solution in comparison to the existing state-of-the-art approaches.


It is required to have:
•    Motivated and individual working style
•    Very good programming skills in Python.
•    Very good machine learning / Deep learning knowledge


I am looking for motivated students interested in working on cutting-edge technologies and vehicular applications area. If you are interested in writing a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis or gaining experience in MAKI project as HiWi, please feel free to contact me at Ahmad Khalil (ahmad.khalil(at)kom.tu-darmstadt.de). You can email me the following information:
•    Your CV or small text about your courses and prior experiences in this area.